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Shopper Intelligence
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How should brands change to fully capitalize on the African Market Opportunities

We provide insights to help your brand’s success

We empower frontline teams with everything they need to know to drive growth, navigate the customer and competitive dynamics affecting your brand. We conduct market research in African countries and can measure in any other country to your specific brief.

Qualitative Research

Great qualitative research begins and ends with putting empathy to work. Qualitative projects include purchase and sales behavior studies, concept testing, mystery shopping and expert interviews.

Quantitative Research

Our researchers take a stand against the data dump, focusing on what matters, and how to communicate it in a way that ensures decision-makers in your organization won’t just get it– they’ll act on it.

Brand strategy

A powerful brand transcends logos and taglines. Brand identity is woven into every element of operation, from package design and color scheme to corporate culture and ethics. We provide what you need to succeed.

We deliver enduring answers to vital research questions.

We work with you to transform your organization, driving bold ideas and pragmatic solutions. We use strategy and insights to help brands answer important questions.

We are passionate about driving revenue growth to each client by embedding ourselves into workflows, communication channels, reporting expectations & quota alignment.

Our experienced team projects your culture, mission statement and vision with concise outbound strategies and targeted lead data to align with your revenue goals.

Every challenge is unique. It depends on your request.

Grow your brand

Track brand awareness and consumer loyalty for your brand(s) vs. your competitors’ brands and create an insights-backed innovation plan.

Market positioning

Measure usage and consumer spending on a specific product category and how that spend is allocated between your and your competition

User experience

Determine if your product fulfills your customer’s expectations and what influences their perception of your product

Competition landscape

Understand changes in consumer attitudes, awareness, and usage levels for a product category or specific brand.

How can we build your

Our people are our greatest

Continental Reach

Eastern Africa

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Zambia

Central Africa

Market research field force in Cameroon, Chad and RDC

West Africa

Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo.

Southern Africa

Angola, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa

What our clients are saying!

  • We have had the pleasure of working with Datum Intel for the past one year. We look forward to continuing our relationship for the years to come.

    June O´Broin Program director Seba Foods
  • Datum Intel insights made a great difference to our understanding of shopper perceptions on soft drinks in Grocery at the front of store.

    Rachel Brian Marketing Manager, Prosuma
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