Voice of the Customer

Track brand awareness and consumer loyalty for your brand(s) vs. your competitors’ brands.

Why conduct this type of study?

  • Capture greater spend from your current customers and grow new ones
  • Evaluate brand loyalty and compares across competitors
  • Determine brand positioning
  • Measure changes to brand health over time
  • Measure success (or failure) of marketing activities over time
  • Get feedback on customer experience and satisfaction and measure changes over time

Market Positioning

Measure usage and amount of consumer spend on a specific product category and how that spend is allocated between your and your competitors’ products.

Why conduct this type of study?

  • Determine market size and potential growth (historical spend vs. future spend)
  • Track effectiveness of marketing activities across various demographics and other key customer groups
  • Determine purchase drivers of a product / brand
  • Track shifting spending habits



Acquisition and Retention

Determine if your product fulfills your customer’s expectations and what influences their perception of your product.

Why conduct this type of study?

  • Understand how customers rate their experience interacting with your product/brand
  • Measure which customers are happy or unhappy with your product (and why!)
  • Track customer feedback on recent purchasing experiences
  • Uncover which product attributes your customers deem important

Competitor Landscape

Understand changes in consumer attitudes, awareness, and usage levels for a product category or specific brand.

Why conduct this type of study?

  • Measure impact of marketing activity on awareness and familiarity
  • Monitor overall brand/product health trends
  • Determine size of market and share of wallet
  • Identify purchase drivers (likes/dislikes) of brand
  • Evaluate effectiveness of various media channels for communicating brand information



New Market Entry

Evaluate the attractiveness and viability of entry into potential new market.

Why conduct this type of study?

  • Determine the market size
  • Gain insight into the prevalent pricing dynamics
  • Finding out your competition (leading brands, products and players)
  • Identify the needs, expectations and consumption preferences of consumers
  • Finding out how consumers learn about similar products

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