We carry out quantitative research for the world’s leading brands across a range of global industries. Our core quantitative research capabilities include:

  • Message Development and Testing
  • Customer Targeting and Market Segmentation
  • Corporate Identity and Brand Positioning
  • Creative Development and Advertising Effectiveness Testing
  • Product Concept and Prototype Testing
  • Benchmarking and Tracking
  • Customer or Member Satisfaction
  • Market Sizing
  • Price-Point Research
  • Telephone interviewing
  • Face to face interviewing
  • Online research
  • Data processing
  • Panels

Our staff is partially drawn from non-research fields, meaning that we understand how you’re using the data, and what you need to know to work more effectively.

Our quantitative research deliverables are designed to be useful for C-level employees down to the marketing team. All quantitative research projects also include standard deliverables like cross-tabulated banner reports that show results by key demographic and psychographic audiences.

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Major brands in retail, and health and beauty companies trust and work with us on a recurrent basis

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