Plan, target, activate and measure your consumers and shoppers with unparalleled precision.

Segmentation solutions profile shoppers based on attitudes toward major trends including the economy, technology, health care, aging and nutritional and eating habits, and leverages mobile technology to capture in-the-moment point of purchase and consumption/usage behavior among key consumer segments.

By determining user attitudes toward the company/brand, the way they perceive the company/brand, and how or how frequently they use the company/brand, we can uncover motivations and drivers of usage. From there, you can accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, leading more consumers to your brand, product or service.

Included in attitudes and usage  studies are:

  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • Brand Identity
  • Concept Testing
  • Corporate Image/Identity Research
  • Branding/Identity Testing

To stay competitive in this big data, multi-channel environment, businesses need to identify and leverage the most relevant data along the entire path to purchase. With this, companies can optimize each step of the shopper journey.

Datum´s Shopper research experts analyze and combine multiple data sources to fully understand shopper behavior and how to influence purchasing decisions.

We combine a deep understanding of what influences purchasing decisions at the point of sale with shoppers’ experiences. We provide our clients with the “what” and the “why”, to support marketing decisions.

How can we help you charge growth and increase profitability?


Major brands in retail, and health and beauty companies trust and work with us on a recurrent basis

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