Product Development

Product Development

New products and services should be a valuable path to growth, but with over 80 per cent of launches failing, a new approach is needed. At Datum Intel we have proven that we can turn innovation’s failure rate around.

Our suite of solutions will enable you to screen differently, prioritising the ideas and concepts that can provide real, top-line growth. They take you beyond aggregate estimates and give you a more accurate, individual-based understanding of potential.

We use the latest qualitative and quantitative techniques and leverage the power of mobile and social to get you closer to occasion-based growth opportunities.

Product Development Steps

Identifying a market need

Products solve problems. So identifying a problem that needs solving (or a better way of being solved) is where this journey should begin. Conversations with potential customers, surveys, and other user research activities can inform this step.

Quantifying the opportunity.

Not every problem is problematic enough to warrant a product-based solution. However, the pain it causes and the number of people or organizations it impacts can determine whether it’s a worthy problem to solve and if people are willing to pay for a solution (be it with money or their data)

Conceptualizing the product

Some solutions may be obvious, while others may be less intuitive. Here’s where the team puts in the effort and applies their creativity to devising how a product might serve its needs.

Validating the solution.

Before too much time is spent prototyping and design, whether the proposed solution is viable should be tested. Of course, this can still happen at the conceptual level.