Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Turn shoppers into buyers by understanding shopper needs, motivations, behaviours, barriers and triggers across the  path to purchase to the point of decision.

We work with clients to understand the shopper’s path to purchase, their behavior at the point of purchase and test  different retail initiatives to optimize brand performance in store.

Our market intelligence focus areas:

How we work

We begin every market intelligence service engagement with your firm and its goals in mind. After you provide a list of target questions, our team will work to provide you with detailed answers. A question that begins as a simple yes/no may evolve to be more complex as we progress through the market intelligence service process. We will conduct primary and secondary research to gain valuable insights into your competition. At the end of the market intelligence service engagement we rigorously analyze the information we have acquired. We present our findings as actionable deliverables that your firm will find relevant across multiple departments.

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